Haworthia mutica seeds

Published: 24.09.2019


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Вы получите семена от опыления растений на фото , урожай 2018 — 2019 года , порция 10 штук .
Подробно о моем способе посева здесь  https://www.facebook.com/viktor.gorbachev.75/posts/2299377153462847
Оплата на карту Приват банка , отправка по Украине  новой почтой за счет покупателя .
You are buying 10 seeds from parents shown on the photos. Plants on the photos do not sale.
All seeds are from plants in my collection, fresh and properly stored.
We ship worldwide.Safely packaged and labeled.All seeds harvest 2018 year
In case of doubts or uncertainties about a product both before and after the purchase please contact me and quietly solve any problem together.
Shipping costs $ 10 and will be the same for any number of seeds.
Please do not pay me at once and wait for the invoice. I accept payment with Paypal and Western Union  .
Important information: I do not provide Phytosanitary certificate. Please check with your country’s customs as I will not be held responsible for any losses. Very important, when your shipment has been sent, the delivery time is out of our control and responsibility. If you do not agree to this term, please do not place your bid.