How to buy the plant?

Please login to register for First Step. Registration field is the right part of the screen. Just click on the word “Registration” and go to the full form. After registration, each potential buyer fills in the questionnaire. Profiles dates are not published and will be available only to you and seller (in the moment of purchase). Please enter the address and phone number for emergency contact and ”Nova Poshta” store (Ukraine). If you haven’t received a letter with the password after registration – check the folder “Trash”. If you haven’t received a letter, your email is incorrect. Please double-check that you have entered the correct e-mail address. If the problem persists and you do not get any activation e-mail, please register again with correct e-mail address, in which will received a password to access to the site.

How many plants of one species can be bought?

If there is only one plant, which you want to buy, simply click on the image of the basket or on the button “Add to Cart” on the form of the goods. In your basket will be indicate that only one plant added to card. If the supplier have a few plants, you need to specify the number of plants in the item card next to “Add to cart” button, but no more than is available. If you want to calculate amount purchase, press the button “Calculation”. By clicking on the button “Shopping Cart” in the upper right of the page, you can see all the products in your shopping cart. If you decided to change the number of plants you can make it in the basket. Change desired number of plants and press the “Update” button, located below the table. If you want delete the item from the basket – click on the image of the cross (“Action” column).

How to order?

Prompts will help you to complete the process of shopping and get information about the ordered products to your e-mail. After that, the supplier will contact you to discuss delivery and payment (by email).

How to find another plant?

In the catalog of plants there is a field “Search plant” in the left menu box. During the searching needs to enter a few letters to get results. You can enter the full name of the plant and narrow down the search area.